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Feb-06-2005 Updates:
Updated menu.
Added 2 signatures.

Oct-31-04 Updates:
Happy Halloween!!

Hope you all remembered to reset your clock!

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1. Be Kind and Polite - This makes for a better playing experiance for everyone. Rudeness won't be tolerated for very long at all. We're all here to have a good time and rudeness just brings that down.

2. Be able to type properly - I know, this one sounds a little funny, but it really detracts from the feel of the game when someone starts typing things like "Hey U wnt 2 get togethr 4 party?" Please, type what you want to say.

3. Give and take - No one wants someone that comes into a Clan and just wants everything but isn't willing to give in return. If you see a Clan member, any member, not just those you are close to, in need of help, and you can provide that help, do so. Heck, it might even make you feel good. And do so knowing that if it was you that needs help, the rest of the Clan will do what they can to help as well. Remember that helping others is rewarded later on. You will make friends who may come to help you with a PL or items you need. Please do not demand help from others and be frustrated if you dont get any. If you give you will recieve.

4. RPing is encouraged - This one isn't mandatory. But, heck, we're playing an RPG. There are many people out there that play out their characters in the game. Don't mock them for it. Heck, go along with it and give it a try yourself, you might even like it, but please remember, others are more sensitive to in-game racism and other similar insults, so bare in mind there is a fine line between roleplaying a dislike of another race, and being rude.

5. After joining Clan Dragon, new members will undergo a 2 week "trial" period. During that 2 week time, the new member can be with us as often as they so choose. This time period is a way for both the new member to get to know the Clan, and for the Clan to get to know the member. After that 2 week period, the new member needs to decide if they are joining the Clan fully, by committing to our Clan, helping others, and making an effort to work with us, as a team, and a fellowship, by signing this charter.

6. From that point on, we ask that you spend the majority of your time with your Clan Dragon LP, we do not want to be another resource LS. Resource LSs have their place in the game, but CD was built with the intention of being more than just another place to ask questions. We're trying to build a close-knit group of people, a family within the game. By wearing our LP for the majority of your time, we hope that you will grow to enjoy the closeness and the vast possiblities of a Clan like this, maybe even discarding your other pearls as several have done. Building a solid guild takes everyone's help, everyone's sacrifice, and everyone's concideration and patience. In other words, Help us, Help you.

Revised Oct 17 2004


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