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Feb-06-2005 Updates:
Updated menu.
Added 2 signatures.

Oct-31-04 Updates:
Happy Halloween!!

Hope you all remembered to reset your clock!

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Clan Gathering

Well, it`s time for a get together, for moral and the introduction of new members, celebration style. Date is TBA, yet expect it within the next few weeks. Please see \"Clan Gathering\" in member`s general, and if currently have a pearl but need access, contact Tsara, or an officer can make sure Tsara is notified. So, check out the post, and leave any opinions there, I`m thinking 2 weeks from now, Xurikk returns soon, so I thought we\'d wait for him. Thanks =]

Posted by Shinrai on June 15, 2004.

New Pictures Added

Added new pictures in Members and Scenic categories - sorry took me so long! Sorry also if I missed any, please send them again ^_^

Posted by Lythia on June 5, 2004.

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